Android Application for Providing Mobile Devices Characteristics
Journal of E - Technology, Volume 9, Issue 1, February, 2018, Pages 19-26
Adrian-Cristian Florea, Delilah Florea
Informatics and Computer Science Department Samuel von Brukenthal, National College of Sibiu Huet Square, No. 5, Sibiu, Romania

Abstract:This work presents TestIT, an application designed for smartphones with Android operating system, which aims to record the phone’s performance, both at the hardware level by recording CPU temperature and battery charging time and at the software level by detecting the copying and creating speed of a file, respectively the download and upload speed of a network. Following these tests, the App creates various statistics that not only determine the performance of the phone, but can also suggest improvements that can be made to the device’s thus preventing a possible replacement with a newer and therefore more expensive model. The application was developed in Android Studio v2.2.3, with tests carried out both through Genymotion emulator and on authors mobile smartphones.
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