Developing Mobile Apps to Protect Environment
Journal of E - Technology, Volume 9, Issue 1, February, 2018, Pages 1-10
Developing Mobile Apps to Protect Environment
Informatics and Computer Science Department Samuel von Brukenthal National College of Sibiu, Huet Square, No. 5 Sibiu, Romania & Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Department Lucian Blaga University of Sib

Abstract:The widely dependence on mobility has became nowadays a priority for people. The automotive industry has lately grown impressively a lot. Most of the people give cars an important place in ranking their priorities, and this is the reason of developing an Android application for mobile phone, to help resolve certain car problems, which often occur. This application is divided into three categories that facilitate the elimination of car damages. The first part is composed of symptoms, which users visual or auditory notice (observing a particular engine noise, unusual smoke detection). This part helps the car owner to repair the vehicle with only basic information in this domain. The second part is composed of a Google Map, which shows all the car services in a specific area. This part of the application is dedicated to serious problems of the vehicle, which cannot be detected and which can damage the car. The third part consists of connecting the phone to the onboard computer through a device OBD II ELM-327 Bluetooth that allows certain functions to appear on the mobile screen display (speed, air intake, fuel level). In conclusion, we believe that this application is useful, because it helps to clarify car key issues, contributing in this way also to solving the environmental problems regarding pollution.
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