H.R.D.A. System (Heart Rate Detector Alarm System)
Journal of E - Technology, Volume 9, Issue 1, February, 2018, Pages 11-18
Holerga Flavius Adrian
Axente Sever Medias, High School Medias , Romania

Abstract:The H.R.D.A. System is a bracelet designed to detect the pulse of a person with a cardiac condition, who doesn’t benefit of permanent medical assistance, but is monitorized by at least another person, be it from the family or from a social program. This device is connected via bluetooth to the user’s mobile phone and communicates with it through an app made using “Eclipse” which was created with the aid of the programming language “Java”. The application receives the data captured by the proximity sensor from within the bracelet and if the pulse is either too high or too low, a warning message is sent to a phone number which is initially set by the user when the application is first installed on the phone.
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