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Electronic Devices

Telemetric ECG Monitoring During Physical Activity in Field Tests
Boris Siraiy, Roman Trobec
Institut “JoZef Stefan” Jamova cesta 39 1000 Ljubljana, Slovakia
Abstract: In this paper we show how it is possible to measure ECG signal with telemetric ECG body-sensor during physical activity in regular conditions. Based on previous studies we choose position and type of fixation for sensor. Participant made three different tests, first test was shuttle run test where speed of running was increased every minute, second test was Cooper 2400 m test, and third test was 100 m maximal sprint. We measure ECG signal in all three tests and analyse it with special software for Holter analysis.
Keywords: ECG Body Sensors, Shuttle Run, Cooper 2400 m, 100 m Sprint, Healthcare Telemetric ECG Monitoring During Physical Activity in Field Tests
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