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Journal of Digital Information Management (JDIM)
Journal of Multimedia Processing and Technologies (JMPT)
International Journal of Web Application (IJWA)


International Journal of Computational Linguistics Research
Current Issue
Volume: 8 , Issue: 1 (March 2017)
Page: i
     Abstract | Full Text (PDF, 12KB)

Recommendation Strategies for Personalize Mobile Educational Systems-
Rizwana Noor, Farman Ali Khan
Page: 1-14
     Abstract | | Full Text (PDF,586KB)

Visual Odometry based on Pulse-Coupled Neural Network-
Luis Armando Cruz Prospero, Luis Armando Mejía-Lavalle
Page: 15-23
     Abstract | | Full Text (PDF,104KB)

Robot application to develop the fields of Corporeality, Language, Communication, socialization and interest in Autistic Children-
Carlos Enríquez Ramírez
Page: 24-32
     Abstract | | Full Text (PDF, 112KB)

Book Review
Multi-Agent-Based Simulations Applied to Biological and Environmental Systems. Diana Francisca Adamatti. Advances in Computational Intelligence and Robotics Book Series IGI Global. ISBN: 9781522517566 and 9781522517573 (ebook)
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• Call for Contributions

• First International Workshop on “IoT and Antenna Design” (IoTAD)

• Deep Learning Applications

• Sixth International Conference on Future Generation Communication Technologies

• Seventh International Conference on Innovative Computing Technology (INTECH 2017)

• Eighth International Conference on the Applications of Digital Information and Web Technologies (ICADIWT 2017)

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