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Progress in Systems and Telecommunication Engineering

Energy Efficient Node Management Techniques using Cross Layer System for Mobile Adhoc Networks
Rajeshkanna Rajendran
Dr. N. G. P Arts and Science College & Tamil Nadu, India
Abstract: MANET nodes are naturally well-known by their limited energy, processing, and memory resources as well as high degree of mobility. In such networks, the mobile nodes may dynamically enter the network as well as leave the network. Due to the restricted transmission range of wireless network devices, multiple hops are usually needed for a node to exchange information with any other node in the network. A joint routing and energy allocation plan is developed which stabilizes the system and provides surrounded average delay guarantees whenever the input rates are within this capacity segment. multipath routing algorithm is proposed for industrial wireless mesh networks for improving reliability and determinacy of data transmission, as well as to effectively deal with link failures. The proposed algorithm adopts the enhanced Dijkstra’s algorithm for searching the shortest route from the gateway to each end node for first route setup. A virtual pheromone distinct from the regular pheromone is introduced to realize pheromone diffusion and updating. This paper considers jointly optimal design of cross layer congestion control, routing overhead and Throughput for Mobile ad hoc networks.
Keywords: Congestion Control, Multipath Routing, Mobile Adhoc Networks, Bandwidth Availability, Dijikstra Algorithm Energy Efficient Node Management Techniques using Cross Layer System for Mobile Adhoc Networks
Full_Text   PDF 995 KB   Download:   61  times

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