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Progress in Systems and Telecommunication Engineering

Efficient Streaming in Virtualized Thin Client Environment
Abhishek Mathur, Aparajita Rai, Ikya Jupudy, Lavanya K
School of Computing Science and Engineering & VIT University, Vellore 632014, Tamil Nadu, India
Abstract: In the current scenario of a thin client environment the client mostly depends on the cloud or a remote server for most of its computing needs. As a result huge amount of data has to be transferred continuously over the network all the time. In such a case network performance is a severe issue. It is also important to acknowledge that network bandwidth and performance is more critical in any type of cloud-based computing model. If data transfer is taking too much time then irrespective of the cloud technologies that you use, it will not result in performance and user satisfaction. IT organizations spend huge money on dedicated computers and network infrastructure. This project is an attempt to address this problem and come up with some improved solution to manage the network traffic that will result in seamless operation of thin client devices in a virtualized environment. Firstly, we aim to study the factors affecting the network performance in a virtualized thin client environment and then based on this research propose and implement a solution to efficiently address the problems. Also when an organization uses multiple thin client machines for their business the scalability of the system will also be improved by our product.
Keywords: Thin Clients, Cloud Client Computing, Data Compression, Deduplication, Multithread Download, OS Image Streaming, Bandwidth utilization Efficient Streaming in Virtualized Thin Client Environment
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