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Journal of Digital Information Management (JDIM)
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Journal of Information Organization 
Volume: 13, Issue: 2 (  June   2023)
Editorial Message
IES Standards for Electromagnetic Quality Measurement
Lazar Sladojevic, Lidija Korunovic, Miodrag Stojanovic and Vladeta Milenkovic Lazar Sladojevi
Page: 35-42
Abstract_    Full_Text   1.03 MB   Download:   26  times
Abstract: The standards for electromagnetic compatibility and quality is IEC protocols. For power quality observation, a set of algorithms for supply assessment is used to study the voltage imbalance. The coding used is Python, and it is assessed based on real signals. The outcome is analysed and described with inferences, and some results are discussed.
Kalman Filter Extension and Nonlinear Filters for Sensor Data Processing
Emil Iontchev, Rosen Miletiev, Petar Kapanakov and Lachezar Hristov
Page: 43-52
Abstract_    Full_Text   1.85 MB   Download:   24  times
https://doi.org/10.6025/jio/2023/13/2/43- 52
Abstract: Kalman Filter Extension is used to fix the object position in the space for which we added sensor data and developed proper algorithms. The two filters, Non-linear Kalman and Linear are employed to study. To fix the magnetometer data, the external magnetic disturbances rejection is studied for which algorithms are used. For accelerometer data, a lowpass filter is used. Both stationary and dynamic platforms are considered to measure the rotation angles of the car seats.
Low-noise MEMS Sensors for GPS data
Lachezar Hristov, Emil Iontchev, Rosen Miletiev and Petar Kapanakov
Page: 53-61
Abstract_    Full_Text   1.42 MB   Download:   30  times
Abstract: To get perfect navigational data for positions, speed, acceleration and direction we applied a wavelet-based algorithm. This algorithm is used to reduce noise obtained from MEMS-based sensors. The treatment to limit the different random errors with signals is used to get low-cost MEMS sensors. GPS data is used to experiment with the introduced algorithm.
Conference Notification
.Third International Conference on Digital Data Processing
.Special issue on ' Managing Complex Computational Challenges' in Journal of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering
.Third International Conference on Digital Data Processing University of Bedfordshire

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