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The Scientific and Technical Clusters in the World Economy
Abduvaliev Abdulaziz Abduvalievich
Page: 1-10
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Global Innovation Index as an Evidence-based Tool for Policy-Makers
Fedor Kabanov, Mark Akoev
Page: 11-16
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Fostering Sentiments: Assessing the Prolific Pursuits of the United Arab Emirates in Sentiment Analysis Research
Avadhesh Kumar Patel and Ghouse Modin Nabeesab Mamdapur
Page: 17-30
Abstract_    Full_Text   2.98 MB   Download:   22  times
Strategic Planning of Research and Development In Russia: From Classification to Cluster Topic Prominence in Science
Mark Akoev, Valentina Markusova
Page: 31-34
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Predatory Journals: The Threat to Credibility of Open Access Publishing
B T Sampath Kumar, Devaraj, P Paramashivaiah
Page: 35-41
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Metrics To Mastery: A Roadmap For Innovative Technologies And Scientific Productivity
P. Ravichandran, Ranjini Syam
Page: 42-54
Abstract_    Full_Text   1.21 MB   Download:   28  times
A Butterfly’s Wingbeat or a Global Village – a Bibliometric Review of the Impact of the Russo-ukrainian War
Ülle Must
Page: 55-63
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Comparison and Correlation of Altmetrics With Scientometrics Indicators of Library and Information Science Journals. Can We Have a Quartile Ranking Based on the Altmetrics Score?
Mansoureh Serati Shirazi, Rouhallah Khademi, Mansoor KoohiRostami
Page: 64-70
Abstract_    Full_Text   860 KB   Download:   15  times
Top 100 Highest Cited Papers in Scientometric From 2013 to 2022: a Bibliometric Analysis
Ashish Mishra, Govind Yadav, Hariom Mishra and Rajani Mishra
Page: 71-82
Abstract_    Full_Text   1.19 MB   Download:   19  times
Social Sciences and Humanities in post- soviet period in Russia: Bibliometric analysis, 1993-2022
Valentina Markusova, Valentina Tsvetkova, Anna Zolotova, Natalia Kotel’nikova, Alexander Libkind
Page: 83-92
Abstract_    Full_Text   1.33 MB   Download:   20  times
An Objective Keyword Selection of Papers Using Phrase Frequency
M.Sivamani, R. Syamala
Page: 93-97
Abstract_    Full_Text   839 KB   Download:   22  times
Research Visibility of Indian Academics as reflected in Web of Science: A Study
B.T. Sampath Kumar, Kumara B, N.Radhakrishnan
Page: 98-105
Abstract_    Full_Text   2.02 MB   Download:   21  times
Role of Servqual Dimensions in Evaluating the Service Quality of Fast-Food Restaurants in India
P Paramashivaiah
Page: 106-118
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Exploring the Dimensions of Resilience during Covid-19 : Unveiling the Role of Adaptation Measures and Recovery Interventions & Climate Action Synergies
Janhvi Kumar, Tanya O’Garra
Page: 119-140
Abstract_    Full_Text   1.49 MB   Download:   19  times
Triggers and Barriers of Rural Women Entrepreneurs: An Empirical Study
P. Paramshivaiah., B. T. Sampath Kumar
Page: 141-152
Abstract_    Full_Text   2.8 MB   Download:   18  times
Extended Abstracts
Evaluation of the Capes International Cooperation Programs: Do the Programs Achieve the Predetermined Objective?
Pablo Gabriel Ferreira, Robin Haunschild, and Lutz Bornmann
Page: 153
Abstract_    Full_Text   682 KB   Download:   40  times
A Glance on the Sleeping Beauty Review Among Iranian Scholars in the Field of Social Sciences and Humanities at Iran’s Top Universities
Amir Reza Asnafi, Bahare Davoudabadi
Page: 154
Abstract_    Full_Text   675 KB   Download:   17  times
A Glance on the Network of Scientific Collaborations in Graduate Theses of Al-zahra and Shahid Beheshti Universities
Amir Reza Asnafi, Maryam Pakdaman Naeini
Page: 155
Abstract_    Full_Text   680 KB   Download:   20  times
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