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Information Security Education Journal 

Volume: 10, Issue: 2 (  December   2023)
Current Issue
Editorial Message
Control Cards Design in Process Manufacturing
Violina Georgieva and Alexander Hadjidimitrov
Page: 31-37
Abstract_    Full_Text   628 KB   Download:   37  times
Abstract: In process manufacturing, control over the process is often more important than control over the product. In production departments, operations and quality control are registered with “Control cards.” Control cards are then used to analyze defects, claims, machine and employee loads, etc.
Auto-calibration Frequency and the Coarse Error Elimination
Dragan Denic, Goran Miljkovic, Jelena Lukic, Miodrag Arsic and Milan Simic
Page: 38-44
Abstract_    Full_Text   678 KB   Download:   28  times
Abstract: WHAT IS THE PROPOSAL FOR THE POSITION METERING TECHNIQUE? The position measurement method is performed with a hybrid pseudo encoder deactivated by combining the pseudo encoder with the incremental code track. The combination of the two code tracks improves the measurement resolution. The proposed hybrid pseudo encoder includes the detector for the pseudo-code reading errors. This helps to decrease the autocalibration frequency and eliminates the coarse error. TECHNIQUE TESTING OF THE PROPOSED ENCODER ELECTRONIC BLOCK IN THE PRESENTED CODER AND CODER TRACK CONDITION.
Converter Design for Serial Pseudo and Natural Code
Dragan Denic, Goran Miljkovic, Jelena Lukic, Miodrag Arsic and Dragan Živanovic
Page: 45-50
Abstract_    Full_Text   1.29 MB   Download:   34  times
Abstract: Pseudorandom / natural code conversion time is the most important factor for the absolute position measurement cycle when using the pseudorandom positions encoder. Serial code converters are simple to implement and have advantages over other converters. In this paper, we provide examples of serial pseudo / natural code converters and a proposal for a new, faster converter.
Destructive Testing Design for Surface Mounting
Valentin Videkov, Aleksei Stratev, Georgi Furkov
Page: 51-57
Abstract_    Full_Text   1.12 MB   Download:   33  times
Abstract: This paper reviews cutting methods to perform destructive testing for surface mounting. Demonstrates two ways of controlling processes during the production of technology equipment and process control. Demonstrates experimental results from a process for the production of laser-cut stencils.
Book Review
Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning: Foundations and Modern Approaches by Stefano V. Albrecht, Filippos Christianos, Lukas Schfer, published by MIT Press, print version scheduled for late 2024. This work is subject to a Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-ND license.
Conference Notification
Fourth International Conference on Science & Technology Metrics (STMet 2023)
Third International Conference on Digital Data Processing

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