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Journal of Digital Information Management (JDIM)
International Journal of Computational Linguistics Research (IJCL)
International Journal of Web Application (IJWA)


Journal of Information Technology Review
Aim and Scope


The R & D has been transforming the Computing paradigms and technology in multidimensional directions. Research in the Information Technology is distributed, heterogeneous, and multidisciplinary. The Journal of Information Technology Review characterize the innovative IT, by addressing the significant following areas and themes:

1. IT concepts, methods, and frameworks:

    Information technology architecture, taxonomy, models
    Mathematics of computation, algorithms, and designs. Edge Computing
    Data management and storage technologies. Database management systems - types, models, languages, and technology
    Software, architecture, design, design, tools, techniques, languages and distributed systems
    Graphics and animation, games, devices, tools and technology
    Interfaces hypertext, hypermedia
    Simulation, modeling and related themes

2. IT applications:

    IT in Business and Industry
    IT in Government
    IT in Science and Education
    IT in Sports
    IT in Art and IT in Music
    IT in Medicine and Health
    Multi, cross and interdisciplinary Information Technology

3. Interdisciplinary IT:

    3D printing and IT
    Big Data, Open Data, Linked Data and IT
    Automation and Robotics
    AR, VR and MR technologies
    Voice Recognition and Facial Recognition technologies and related themes
    Blockchain and IT
    IoT, IoE and related themes

4. Functional IT:

    HRM and Human Design technologies and application
    Knowledge management and knowledge discovery technologies
    Marketing technologies, Marketing 2.0, Marketing 3.0
    Social media technologies, data analytics, and predictions
    Financial management and accounting technologies
    Project management technologies, Project management 2.0, Project management 3.0
    Process management technologies, process mining technologies, and related themes


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