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Transactions on Machine Design (TMD)
Aim and Scope

Nowadays, machines record tremendous applications in many environments. Machines employ power to achieve fixed as well as expected outcome which have forces and movement. Machines perform movement in different technologies which aim to provide unlimited opportunities and generate forces and movement. Modern machines are not limited to mechanical and electronics, but include many other divisions such as for example, the computers and sensors that monitor performance and plan movement, and are called mechanical systems.

Machines in different disciplines of engineering and other sciences are the major divisions. These include electrical, electronics, computing, mechanical, biological etc. It includes both basic machines and machines in applied sciences and technology such as medical, instrumentation, astronomy, aeronatics and so on. Now the scope expands to newer branches such as nanotechnology etc.

The journal Transactions on Machine Designs have unlimited specific themes on many of the following areas.

  • Design Analysis of Machine Elements
  • Mechanics of Materials Software
  • Mechanisms and Mechanical Devices Sourcebook
  • Section modulus calculator- beam analysis
  • Case Studies in Engineering Design
  • Aspect Oriented Programming with Spring
  • Engineering Statics
  • Building Confidence in the Design
  • An Ontology of Mechanical Devices
  • Integrating safety during the machine design stage
  • References On Machine Design
  • Machine Design Problem
  • Textbook for Machine Design
  • Introduction of Precision Machine
  • Principle of Measurement
  • Principle of Precision Design
  • Error Formulation and Error Budget
  • Design of Thermomechanical System
  • Vibration of Precision Machine
  • Compliance and Residual Vibration
  • Positioning Control
  • Flexure Spring, Traction Drive
  • Optical measuring system
  • Nano-measuring systems
  • Nano-positioning systems
  • Machine Design (MD) Book
  • Hydraulics & Pneumatics




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