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Journal of Digital Information Management (JDIM)
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International Journal of Computational Linguistics Research 
Volume: 15, Issue: 1 (  March   2024)
Editorial Message
Analysis of the Construction of Multimedia Networks for English Teaching Methods with Improved Genetic Algorithm
Tang Jun
Page: 1-9
Abstract_    Full_Text   1.07 MB   Download:   35  times
Application Analysis of Classroom Role in Art English Teaching Based on Multiple Models
Fangfang Zhou
Page: 10-17
Abstract_    Full_Text   826 KB   Download:   32  times
Language Complexity Trade-Offs: New Empirical Evidence
Germán Coloma
Page: 18-33
Abstract_    Full_Text   2.10 MB   Download:   36  times
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Fourth International Conference on Digital Data Processing Yeshiva University, New York, US
5th workshop on Data For The Wellbeing of Most Vulnerable Buffalo, NY, USA
The International School on Foundations of Security Analysis and Design (FOSAD)

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