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Journal of Digital Information Management (JDIM)
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Journal of Electronic Systems 
Volume: 14, Issue: 1 (  March   2024)
Editorial Message
Use of Wavelet Spectrum for Digital Image Compression
Teodora G. Sechkova, Ivo R. Draganov
Page: 1-9
Abstract_    Full_Text   1.39 MB   Download:   45  times
Abstract: In this paper, we present a new method for digital image compression. This method involves dividing the wavelet spectrum into several sub-bands after a certain level of regular or irregular decay. Each sub-band is then decomposed using an inverse pyramid algorithm and a linear orthogonal transform like DCT. Depending on whether you want lossless compression or lossy compression, all or only some spectral coefficients of the inverse pyramid are retained. Entropy coding is then applied. Higher compression ratios are achieved at higher image quality levels than some popular algorithms from the practice.
Fault Tolerant Power Consumption Analysis Measures in Intelligent Systems
Sandra Djosic, Milun Jevtic and Milunka Damnjanovic
Page: 10-16
Abstract_    Full_Text   909 KB   Download:   23  times
Abstract: In this paper, we look at power consumption for fault-tolerant real-time systems. Specifically, we look at real-time systems where fault tolerance is reached by repeatedly running a task affected by the transient fault with time redundancy. We conduct a power consumption analysis for real-time fault tolerant systems using a heuristic-based dynamic voltage and frequency scaling algorithm that we developed. Simulation results demonstrate that our algorithm can be used successfully for power consumption based on fault tolerance analysis.
Visualizing the 2D Weather Products using a Marching Squares Approach
Igor Antolovic, Dejan Ranic, Vladan Mihajlovic, Dragan Mihic, Marija orevic
Page: 17-25
Abstract_    Full_Text   1.09MB   Download:   44238  times
Abstract: In this paper, we demonstrated an effective way to visualize 2D weather products using a Marching Squares approach. We explore the possibility of extracting both isoline and color-filled iso-areas and improvements to avoid the standard broken polyline Marching Squares result and force smoother visualization. We test and validate this approach using different sampling resolutions and parameters on the real weather temperature products.
AI Workshop
Monitor levels of interdisciplinary research
Open Data Report
Fourth International Conference on Digital Data Processing Yeshiva University, New York, US
5th workshop on Data For The Wellbeing of Most Vulnerable Buffalo, NY, USA
The International School on Foundations of Security Analysis and Design (FOSAD)


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