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Journal of Digital Information Management (JDIM)
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Journal of Electronic Systems 
Volume: 13, Issue: 2 (  June   2023)
Editorial Message
Performance of Conductors in the Overhead Transmission Lines
Metodija Atanasovski, Blagoja Arapinoski, Mitko Kostov, Ljupco Trpezanovski
Page: 29-37
Abstract_    Full_Text   934 KB   Download:   31  times
Abstract: For overhead transmission lines, three conductors, Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced-ACSR, All Aluminium Alloy Conductors-AAAC and Aluminium conductor Composite Core-ACCC are deployed. Initially, in this work, we describe the generating technological characteristics of the conductors. We made an analysis of the physical, mechanical and electrical characteristics. We tested the ACSR, AAAC and ACCC conductors in the overhead transmission line on one tension field and presented the applications. We outlined three design solutions for the overhead transmission line with the standard design measurements.
Impact of Magnetic Field on the Environment using Magnetic Induction and Transformer Proximity
Emilija Sarafska, Blagoja Arapinoski and Vesna Ceselkoska
Page: 38-45
Abstract_    Full_Text   2.68 MB   Download:   35  times
Abstract: Magnetic fields in the region where people live have direct and indirect effects leading to multiple issues. Magnetic field effects from conduits, high-voltage fixtures and transformation stations affect the environment considerably. Using the finite element method with FEM 4.2 at normal loads, we identify the effect of the magnetic field in the environment. The volume of the magnetic induction in the transformer proximity is calculated with the distribution level in this work.
Power Stability and Quality Improvement using Ideal DFIG
Mile Joncevski, Mile Spirovski
Page: 46-55
Abstract_    Full_Text   2.18 MB   Download:   43  times
Abstract: The transmission power system has the first DFIG wind farm, and its dynamic characteristics are studied in this paper. We measure it using the MATLAB/SIMULINK tool to study the behaviour. We have designed the wind turbine and power system with real-life data. We intend to improve the power stability and quality for which we find how the DFIG works in various situations. We did simulations for tests with short circuits on voltage level and wind speed changes.
Conference Notification
.Third International Conference on Digital Data Processing
Special issue on 'Managing Complex Computational Challenges' in Journal of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering


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