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Journal of Digital Information Management (JDIM)
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Signals and Telecommunication Journal  

Volume: 12, Issue: 2 (  September   2023)
Current Issue
Editorial Message
Internet Protocol Television System in the Internet Protocol Suites
Jordan Kanev and Stanimir Sadinov
Page: 31-35
Abstract_    Full_Text   655 KB   Download:   43  times
Abstract: The traditional system of television services is delivered in terrestrial, satellite, signal, and cable formats. This system has inherent limitations. To offset such limitations, we in this paper advocated the Internet Protocol Television system where the services use Internet protocol suite during the packed switched network. The benefits are widely discussed further in this paper.
Analysis of the Mean signal-to-interference Ratio with the Dual SC Receiver Output
Aleksandra Panajotovic, Dragan Draca and Nikola Sekulovic
Page: 36-42
Abstract_    Full_Text   1.42 MB   Download:   44  times
Abstract: We studied the mean signal-to-interference ratio with the dual SC receiver output in this paper. The selection combining is the more efficient diversity technique for signal-to-interference. The diversity system operates in a microcell environment and applies the desired signal power algorithm. We have tested it and presented the outcome to show the effects of fading severity and level of correlation. Further, with the decision power algorithms, we used them to observe the dual SC systems.
The Traffic Distribution in the IP Radio-relay System
Dragana Peric, Miroslav Peric, Branislav M. Todorovic, Milan Sunjevaric, Miroslav Popovic
Page: 43-51
Abstract_    Full_Text   1.11 MB   Download:   40  times
Abstract: In the IP radio-relay system, the primary and secondary routes are essential. The traffic distribution between these two systems is ascertained with the optimization outcome. We observed that the algorithm developed confirmed that the common links yield primary and secondary routes. The experimental outcome of the performance of the network simulation is presented further.
Book Review
Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning: Foundations and Modern Approaches by Stefano V. Albrecht, Filippos Christianos, Lukas Schäfer, published by MIT Press, print version scheduled for late 2024. This work is subject to a Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-ND license.
Conference Notification
.Fourth International Conference on Science & Technology Metrics (STMet 2023)
.Third International Conference on Digital Data Processing and Engineering

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