Deadline for submission is extended to June 01, 2010

Notification and Call for Papers

The world is becoming more and more 'digital'. The digital technology has transformed the entire world to a new reality. Almost all sectors like journalism, banking, finance, manufacturing, health care, education, entertainment etc are influenced by digital revolution. It is essential to examine a variety of business, technical, legal and all other related issues and seek to identify the opportunities and challenges in the movement toward being digital. We also look and understand how a number of enterprises spawned by digital technology to learn about how they function. he digital revolution. The research on digital enterprises and technology will lead us in the next generation and to have a perception on how and where digital technology is heading. The proposed conference will foresee such future. The conference will address the following topics (not limited)


Digital Management products

Digital Innovation Management

IT Management

Business Technology Intelligence


Consumer Electronics

Digital Libraries

Digital Economy

Digital Data Mining

Digital Enterprises

E-Commerce Technology

E-Business Applications and Software

E-Commerce in developing countries

Global E-Commerce

Infrastructure for E-Commerce

Marketing on the Web

Barriers to E-Business Adoption

Cryptography for enabling E-Commerce

e-Commerce Strategy & Implementation

Internet payment systems





Business-oriented E-Commerce

Consumer-oriented E-Commerce

Web advertising and Web Publishing

Mobile Commerce

Supply Chain Management & E-Fulfilment


Regulatory/Policy Issues

Social Issues in E-Commerce

The Regulatory Environment of E-Commerce

Trust & Security Issues in E-Commerce

Web Services

Cloud Technology

Security Issues in E-Commerce

Multidimensional modelling and queries

Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)

Operating Systems

Green Computing/ Mobile Technologies

Artificial Neural Networks

High Performance Computing for BI

Semantic Web and Ontology for BI

Databases for business

Digital Business Ecosystems and BI

Text Mining and Web Mining

Wireless and Mobile Technologies

Enterprise Engineering

Data Warehousing Technology

Data Management

Data Modeling

All the papers will be reviewed and the accepted papers in the conference will be published in the conference proceedings, DLINE computing database, and will be indexed in many global databases. In addition, all the accepted papers will be published in the following special issues journals after substantial revision and modification.


1. Journal of Digital Information Management (JDIM)
2. International Journal of Web Applications (IJWA)
3. International Journal of Information Studies (IJIS)
4. International Journal of Green Computing (IJGC)
5. Journal of E-Technology
6. International Journal of Aritificial Intelligence