Journal Services Environment due to COVID-19
Even during the period of the COVID 19 pandemic, we continue to work and DLINE is committed to bring the journal issues in time. DLINE published all the issues till August 2020 and distributes all journals in all markets. Some users may not be able to receive the print journal copies right now due to issues like postal service disruption and non-availability of staff at institutions to receive shipments. If your office is open, please mail to us. ( subscription@dline.info)

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The dline package offers the full text content for the following journals.

Journal of Digital Information Management

International Journal of Web Applications

International Journal of Computational Linguistics Research

International Journal of Information Studies

Journal of E-Technology

Journal of Networking Technology

Journal of Information Technology Review

Journal of Information Security Research

Journal of Intelligent Computing

Journal of Multimedia Processing and Technologies

Journal of Information & Systems Management

Journal of Data Processing

Journal of Information Organization

Journal of Electronic Systems

Electronic Devices

Signals and Telecommunication Journal

Progress in Computing Applications

Progress in Machines and Systems

Progress in Signals and Telecommunication Engineering

Transactions on Machine Design (TMD)

Information Security Education Journal (ISEJ)

Journal of Science and Technology Metrics

Annual Proceedings of the Science & Technology Metrics

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Institute of Electronic and Information Technology (IEIT)

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